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What to see - Activities

Illuminated by Finistère


Located just a few metres from Penhors beach, our seaside hotel in Finistère provides you with exclusive access to a range of activities and getaways at the intersection between land and sea. It is the perfect place to start discovering Brittany, its islands (such as Ile de Sein which grazes the ocean), its coastlines, its culture, its history and its way of life.

The GR34, with its 200 km of coastal footpaths, from Douarnenez to Sainte Marine, is an invitation to discover breath taking scenery.


Audierne Bay has a diverse and wild coastline (extending along 20km, alternating between sandy beaches, dunes and rocky shores. Between the spectacular Point du Raz and the Pointe de la Torche, the place to be for surfers and windsurfers, Penhors is the perfect starting point for discovering Cournouaille and the Bigouden region.

And of course the fishing ports of Guilvinec, Audierne, Douarnenez or the towns of Quimper, Pont-L'Abbé, Pont-Aven, the city of painters where Paul Gauguin lived (the museum will reopen in 2016), Locronan, classed among the "Most Beautiful Villages in France", where many craftspeople are based.

musée de l'amiral

Come and visit our Musée de l'Amiral, a unique museum in Brittany, and its shops where you will find magnificent shells, gifts and souvenirs. Entirely devoted to the wonders of the ocean, the museum displays more than 12,000 shells from all over the world. They include shells from our coast and specimens from warmer seas, as well as microscopic shells and pearl oysters.

For bird lovers, more than 200 species of seabirds have been mounted, showing them in their natural habitat and all along an educational tour. And don't miss the unique fossils (ammonites, sea urchins, trilobites), brightly coloured minerals, starfish and corals...