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Musée de l'Amiral

birds, shellfish...

Fifty metres from the hotel, on Penhors beach, the Musée de l'Amiral, run by the hotel, is yet another way the Ségalen family show their love for the sea. The museum displays more than 200 species of birds, mostly from Audierne Bay. Two rooms are entirely dedicated to them and you can see gulls, sandpipers and egrets in their natural environment. It also features representations of different species of sharks and whale bones. Shells are also given pride of place, with some 12,000 specimens from all over the world. The smallest can be seen under a microscope, and the pearl oysters reveal their marvellous secret to inquisitive visitors... Last but not least, with its exhibition of plant and animal fossils, as well as minerals, algae and corals, the museum presents the full spectrum of the region's fauna and flora.

Films about fishing are broadcast during your visit. Once you have finished, you can stroll around the park opposite the sea and take advantage of its deckchairs and games for a relaxing time as a family.